Prenatal Bonding

Nurturing the connection with your baby during the pregnancy is essential for establishing the loving and beautiful foundation for your early parenting. It is important for this connection/conversation to be two-ways, as your baby is a sentient being from the moment of conception and always signaling their feelings and needs to you.

Research has been discovering how the experience of being listened to, acknowledged, and embraced in the prenatal period is an indispensable nutrient for your baby’s physiological health on all levels, as well as emotional stability to feel secure, curious, happy, and confident towards life once they arrive on the earth side. Also, there is clinical evidence how prenatal bonding—fostering a two-way conversation between mother and baby in the womb—will decrease the risks and medical interventions at birth.

Common Positive Outcomes with Prenatal Bonding When Practiced Regularly

– Birthing mother develops a channel to communicate with her baby/ies in utero.
– Less complications and effort in natural birth.
– Decreases the need for obstetrical interventions as well as C-section.
– Declines in premature birth rate.
– Low degree of birth trauma.
– Babies cry less.
– Babies sleep less during the daytime and have more stable sleep during the nighttime.
– Significant decrease in the the postpartum depression rate.
– Babies and children have high self-awareness and self-esteem.

Sacred space for you and your baby’s bonding

In the session, I will create a sacred space for you to drop deeply down into your beingness and interconnectedness to welcome the time and space which is exclusively for the loving connection between you and your baby.
The sound of crystal instruments will assist your level of relaxation to deepen, and the guided meditation and visualization will help you to sensitively and gently listen to your body, both of which are ideal environments for you to open the two-way channel of communication with your baby.

The session will include some reflections and integrations, as well as some tools to bring back to home to foster the prenatal connection in your day-to-day life.

Baby as sentient being from the moment of conception

From the moment of conception, your baby is a sentient physical being who can sense everything that is happening around them, through your emotions as well as perceiving your everyday surroundings.

Around the 3rd week after conception, the baby’s heart will be already formed. On the 8th week of pregnancy, the baby can perceive even when a hair is brushing across the mother’s belly. On the 16th week of pregnancy, the baby has formed their ears, but they can, in fact, listen to the sound around them much earlier by receiving the vibrations through their sensitive body.