Conscious Conception (in-person/online)

I offer educational and therapeutic sessions for prospective parent(s) to welcome new life into their family field with holistic awareness. Through the perspective of pre- and perinatal psychology, we acknowledge the baby as a conscious and sentient being from the moment of conception, or even before. Therefore, early parenting starts from the preconception phase.

The session is to support you to align your body, mind, heart, spirit, and energy to the healthy, beautiful, and loving conception and early parenting. The session’s focus is for you to embody the environment where you can thrive and offer unconditional love and support to your baby, while you also feel resourced and nourished in your co-creation journey.

The conception preparation phase is a rich and sacred period for the prospective parent(s) to clear their past and the old conditionings to bring more ease, joy, love, empowerment, and connection into their parenting. This will bring a significantly positive consequence for your baby’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth as well as the bond as a family.

I am here to support you to make the best use of this special and sacred phase for you and your baby.

Below are the aspects we can explore to lay a clear, fertile, and solid foundation for your early parenting journey:

Your multidimensional history

As you embark on your pregnancy journey, it is very common for the memories of your early his/her-story to surface through your implicit memory. Implicit memories are a different kind of memory from the ones we remember with our minds. They are stored in the body and they operate unconsciously and automatically beyond our control. It is very helpful to connect with your early his/her-story before conception, so that any forgotten yet to be acknowledged experiences can be seen, and healed, if necessary. In this way, you can create a more open canvas for your journey with your child-to-be-born, being present and inspired for what is there, rather than operated by your past.

Also, today, science has proven through the field called “epigenetics” that we are not only governed by the DNA of our parents, but also the memories of our ancestors carried around through our DNA. Therefore, acknowledging the history of our ancestors can help recognize beautiful legacies that you can pass further on to the future generations, as well as heal and differentiate the past difficulties to create a new history for you and your child-to-be-conceived.

Lastly, if you have experienced a pregnancy in the past, whether full-term or pregnancy loss, it is very helpful to visit the experience(s) and consciously differentiate to make a space for the baby you are welcoming to be able to have their own unique experience.

Layers of Support and Stress Management

For baby in utero to feel supported and thrive, it is important that they have at least two layers of support. The primary layer is the birthing mother, and the second layer is her partner, or any close family member or friend. And when this second layer of support also has two layers of support for themselves, there is a solid container for nurturance and support created for the baby to grow. It is highly valuable to have already the quality of support ensured before conception to have secure pregnancy.

Stress management is another important preparation for the prospective parent(s). As some degree of stress is inevitable in life, parent(s) need to embody the self-regulation and co-regulation in their life. Also, practicing the transparent communication with the baby in the time of stress is essential to support their baby in utero to differentiate the parents’ stressful experience from their own experience.

These psychological awareness and embodiment will allow your baby to grow not only healthily, but also with strong self-esteem and positive attitude and trust towards life and relationships as they grow.

Attuning to the parenting values

The time of conception preparation is the perfect timing to deeply attune into the parenting values you want to cherish in your family life. It is significantly valuable to communicate and attune together if you have a partner at this time, so that you can manifest and follow through your co-parenting journey harmoniously and synergetically.

The baby as a conscious being from the moment of conception/pre-conception

From the moment of conception, your baby is sentient physical being, who can sense everything that is happening around them, through your emotions as well as perceiving your everyday surroundings. Around the 3rd week after conception, the baby’s heart will already be formed. On the 8th week of pregnancy, the baby can even perceive when a hair is brushing across the mother’s belly.

Therefore, it is highly beneficial for parent(s) to attune to some of the major milestones that your baby will go through during the early stage of gestation with their sensitivity and vulnerability, so that you can provide the support they need. Also, cultivating the bonding from the moment of conception will support the pregnancy journey of yours and your child’s in a more healthy, easy, beautiful, and loving way.

Connecting with your Spirit Baby

Although it is commonly believed that life begins at the moment of conception by the meeting of the egg and the sperm, the creation journey starts from the phase of conception preparation. During the pre-conception phase, your Spirit Baby is already connecting and signaling you while waiting for the perfect timing to co-create the journey of incarnation with you.

There are several books out today sharing the stories of Spirit Baby connection in the pre-conception phase. Also, in my Japanese culture, for example, an obstetrician, Dr. Akira Ikegawa has performed extensive research to prove that many children in their early ages recall their prenatal memories, including the time before they were conceived—how they arrived into their mother’s womb.

In the session, I will share with you some methods for you to foster the connection with your Spirit Baby. This will also help you to cultivate your ability to attune to your baby’s need which is also essential for your child to grow in health during the pregnancy.


This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.