Emotional and Energetic Healing (in-person/online)

The womb is one of the most delicate and sensitive spaces in our body that is highly susceptible to the emotional and energetic imprints. At the same time, it is also one of the most resilient energy centers that can hold both energies—utterly tender receptivity and fiercely grounded autonomy in order to continue to create what truly nurtures ourselves as well as others. The womb is also considered as the heart that is connected with Earth, whereas the heart itself is connected with Sky.

The energetic potential of this sacred space can however well be conditioned through our own emotional, physical, and energetic traumas, even going back to our prenatal time, as well as to the transgenerational inheritance.

I offer somatic healing for these traumas to be deeply recognized, seen, heard, differentiated, and reconciled through the embodied process, so that true power, creativity, and love can be received and expressed within and through this energetic portal.