Embodied Fertility (in-person/online)

Bearing a new life is one of the expressions of the very primordial part of ourselves that is inseparable from nature. As all life emerges from and within nature as organic and effortless unfoldment, fertility flourishes by returning to nature. To welcome your baby, your body has to be embodying the circulation of receiving and giving in the state of Being-ness.

I offer consultation for holistic fertility, in seeing our physiological, emotional, energetic, and relational nature as all essential components. My intention is not just to assist your physiological fertility, but to support you to create a heathy and holistic environment within and without so that you, your baby, and your family member(s) can thrive together in the creation journey.

We will work together to heal and nourish the areas that need more attentions, care, and embodiment. This allows you to restore and foster true power and well-being in all these levels, so that you can create, carry, and birth new life in a way that supports the well-being of you and your baby.

Today, we know through scientific studies that gene selection of the egg starts 3 months prior to conception. Therefore, the mother’s physical, mental, emotional, and energetic states need to be aligned with health and balance at least from 3 months before conception.


Session: $120/hour
Price discount available for multiple sessions

Below are the aspects we can explore for you to embody and claim your fertility:

Physiological attunement

Your womb is the first nursery for your baby. Do you have a healthy menstrual cycle? Do you have pain-free periods without any clots? Is your egg ovulated on the optimal date? Do you have a clean uterine wall that supports easy implantation? Is your body nourished enough with nutritionally rich food with harmonious digestion, and with deep restoration through regular sleep so that your baby can thrive in your womb and your body won’t get depleted?

These aspects are the building blocks for your physiology to invite healthy conception, implantation, and pregnancy. In Eastern Medicine, fertility is not considered to be the matter of solely womb and hormone. It stresses the importance of embodying the balance, vitality, and well-being in your entire physiology. Dedicated self-care with, for instance, pelvic steaming and nutritional awareness, can clear and fortify your womb environment as well as your overall well-being.

Emotional embodiment

Can you feel that your emotional baseline is happiness and joy? Do you feel peace and harmony with the sense of fulfillment and purpose in your life? Do you experience ease and flow in your day-to-day activities?

All of these are key ingredients to embody a welcoming environment for your baby to land and thrive in your body. Our emotional and physiological states are deeply mirroring each other. When the mother is feeling happy, easy, alive, and content in her life, the womb’s physiology becomes soft and receptive that is essential for the delicate new life to emerge and thrive. If there is any imbalance in this area of life, restoring the intimate and empowered connection with your own emotions can assist you to welcome a new version of yourself.

Energetic embodiment

Do you sense any limited beliefs around your ability to conceive, carry the healthy full-term pregnancy, and birth your child in beauty?

Any shadow within us that brings the conditioned beliefs towards our dream is not there to limit your life, but to be fully recognized and reconciled so that you can grow into the one you are meant to be to live your life as empowered light. The limited beliefs that we carry around fertility are often rooted in our own prenatal experiences as well as transgenerational beliefs coming from our maternal ancestors. By acknowledging the past and orienting yourself to the present moment somatically and energetically, you can realize your life beyond those limitations, reclaiming your true nature.

Relational embodiment

You are the first and primary relationship for your baby-to-be-conceived. The sense of security is a necessity for life as it is our physiological making that we can only thrive when we feel our environment as secure and welcoming regardless of our age. When a mother is feeling secure in relationship with herself as well as others, she can naturally provide a secure and thriving environment for her baby.

During the conception preparation phase, any relational aspects in life that do not support you to reside in the sense of security, are beneficial to be tended and restored. For you to feel safe in relationship is your birthright!


This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.