Labor Preparation (in-person/online)

My package for the Labor Preparation Sessions include a Pelvic Steam Protocol that is specifically custom designed for this purpose and the Prenatal Bonding so that your body, mind, heart, and spirit can become ready for an effortless and beautiful birth, in connection and in-sync with your child-to-be-born. The first session will take place in week 35-36 of the pregnancy.

Pelvic Steaming for Labor Preparation

Pelvic Steaming before and/or during the labor is a highly effective holistic approach to assist for success and ease in your up-coming labor. At several birth clinics in the Czech Republic, for instance, pelvic steaming has been included in their protocol, bringing highly positive outcomes to support women in labor, bringing more ease and smoothness into their birth process.
Labor preparation pelvic steaming is a very gentle, soothing, and relaxing at-home practice, which you should, however, conduct under the guidance and supervision of a trained peristeam hydrotherapist due to its specific safety protocol.

Labor Preparation Pelvic Steaming covers three major essentials for an effortless labor:

  1. Lubrication
  2. Circulation
  3. Relaxation


Dryness is one of the factors that can stall labor, but when your body is well lubricated (moisturized), your baby can “slip out” in ease. Also, the lubricated vagina could minimize any tearing at labor.


As stagnation is an inevitable part of late pregnancy which may appear as swelling, shooting pains, and brain fog, circulation can improve these discomforts. Also, increased circulation can soften the pelvic tissues and make them more elastic, which could also minimize the tearing at labor.
As stagnation may also contribute to stalling the labor, promoting circulation could induce the labor naturally when the baby and your body are ready.


Relaxation is essential for the body to perform what it is naturally supposed to do, which is the key for a natural labor. When your body is relaxed, your mind relaxes and you can connect with the feeling of readiness in ease. Also, your tissues get relaxed which makes it easier to stretch and open. And the relaxation allows the cervix to open when the moment of labor arrives.

Prenatal Bonding for Labor Preparation

As you are awaiting the moment to finally hold your baby and welcome them on this earth side, your baby is also day-by-day in a preparation for this huge transition. To move through this passage of labor in ease and connectedness, it is essential for you to nurture the two-way connection/conversation with your baby before labor. Through this bonding, you can be more naturally be in sync with your baby’s tempo and needs which can make the experience of birth easier, kinder, and more beautiful for both of you.

In my Prenatal Bonding session that is included in this Labor Preparation package, I will guide you through a meditation with some visualizations, somatic awareness, and sound healing to support you to listen to your baby’s messages. Also, I will give you some tools for you to keep nurturing this pre-birth connection and communication at home until your baby’s arrival.

What a Labor Preparation Session Package entails

We will have two sessions (60 minutes each) in person or via Zoom.

First session (week 35-36)
  • A consultation and supervision for your Labor Preparation Pelvic Steam protocol
  • A customized plan for the optimal labor readiness condition (incl. food therapy, relaxation techniques, and pelvic steam therapy)
  • A guidance for your at-home steam sessions
  • Short Prenatal Bonding with guided meditation and sound healing to enhance the two-way connection with your baby to become ready together
Second session (week 37-39)
  • Labor Preparation check-in
  • Any additional supervisions for the optimal labor readiness condition
  • Prenatal Bonding with guided meditation and sound healing to enhance the two-way connection with your baby to become ready together
Additional included services
  • Peristeam intake form
  • Customized herbal blend package for Labor Preparation Pelvic Steam
  • Access to the At-Home Pelvic Steam Guide
  • Communication with your doula and/or midwife about your Pelvic Steam protocol to establish a team support for your labor

Exchange: $250 for 2 sessions

*It is highly recommended to book this package together with the Postpartum Recovery Package. If booked together, 10% off will be applied for the entire cost.

Disclaimer: This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.