I am grateful that you have found your way here. I am welcoming you wholeheartedly.

Nurture Womb offers body-centered holistic healing and empowerment practices in relationship to our Womb Space, as a portal for connection to the innate life force and love within. As we are all created and birthed through the Womb Space, it bears a mystical and direct connection to our life’s origin, ancestry, creative potentials, as well as our collective future.

I work with women of all ages, to bring physiological, emotional, and energetic healing to their womb space, as well as to offer holistic support for the child bearing continuum.

Today, as the world is driven by the Yang way that orients us to the relentless demand and pressure, embodying and living the Yin way requires more commitment than ever. And yet, you are not alone, and we can do it together to step further into the path of sacred self-care and honor, which starts with our sensitive listening to the body. Through connecting, honoring, and nurturing our Womb Space, we can remember how to reconnect with Earth, our ancestral wisdom, intuition, as well as the power and integrity within; we can heal our personal and collective past, appreciate and celebrate the gift that we are given in this moment, and create the future that we want to pass to our children and grandchildren.

Combining my Japanese-Eastern cultural heritage with different modalities I have studied and practiced since 2007, I facilitate each session according to the specific needs and intentions, drawing different tools and approaches in order to be as best a support as possible.

Who is the service for?

I am here to support your journey if you are:

  • seeking an effective, holistic approach to embody the reproductive health for your optimal menstrual cycle, uterine environment, and/or hormonal transitions.

  • desiring to conceive a child and seeking a support for conscious conception and awakening your fertility.
  • pregnant and want to foster the two-ways connection and communication with your baby as a sentient and magical conscious being.

  • soon to be giving birth to your child and looking for a natural approach to encourage and/or ease your labor.

  • Postpartum and wishing to effectively heal your body and return to the pre-pregnancy state.

  • Wishing to open the channel between your throat, heart, and womb for embodying the heart-centered circulation of creating/expressing/offering and receiving/appreciating/nourishing.

“By nurturing where our life has begun,
we heal our his/her-story to rebirth ourselves
into our original essence of who we truly are.” —Seshen