I am grateful that you have found your way here!

Nurture Womb offers body-centered holistic healing and empowerment practices in relationship to our womb space, as a portal for connection to the innate life force and love within. As we are all created and birthed through the womb space, it bears a mystical and direct connection to our life’s origin, ancestry, creative potentials, as well as our collective future.

Combining my Japanese-Eastern cultural heritage with different modalities I have studied and practiced since 2007, I facilitate each session according to the specific needs and intentions, drawing different tools and approaches in order to be as best a support as possible.

Who is the service for?

I am here to support your journey if you are:

interested in womb healing,

  • looking for a support for healing your womb space energetically and emotionally.
  • seeking an effective, holistic approach to embody the reproductive health for your optimal menstrual cycle, uterine environment, and/or hormonal transitions through the pelvic steaming.

in the conception preparation,

  • desiring to conceive a child and seeking a support for conscious conception and awakening your fertility.


  • wanting to foster the two-ways connection and communication with your baby as a sentient and magical conscious being.
  • soon to be giving birth to your child and looking for a natural approach to encourage and/or ease your labor.


  • seeking support for integrating your big life transition physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.
  • wishing to heal your body through holistic approaches.

“By nurturing where our life has begun,
we heal our his/her-story to rebirth ourselves
into our original essence of who we truly are.” —Seshen