Postpartum Recovery (in person/online)

Pelvic Steaming is a highly effective at-home postpartum recovery therapy for women to recover and return to the pre-pregnancy body. It has been practiced as a standard postpartum care in more than 25 countries around the globe, helping to remove the pregnancy matter and complete the uterine reset, as well as eliminating extra water waste from the pregnancy, healing the tears and prolapse, among other benefits.

My Postpartum Recovery Package is designed to support you and your body’s transition during your immediate (first 30 days) and long term (1 year) postpartum.


The following are some of the benefits of pelvic steaming for postpartum recovery:

  • Uterus cleanse and reset—Clearing out all the pregnancy matter
  • Reducing postpartum contraction
  • Healing womb-related tears, hemorrhoids, and organ prolapse
  • Dispersing water retention in the body
  • Reducing swollen skin
  • Helping milk production
  • Releasing oxytocin
  • Delaying return of period
  • Reducing painful sex


The package includes 2-3 sessions depending upon the time you booked the session:

  1. A pre-labor consultation, if the session is booked before the labor (30 min.)
    The consultation takes place at week 36-37 so that you can start the postpartum recovery steam protocol right after giving birth.
  2. A post labor consultation (30min. / 60min. if booked after labor)
    The consultation takes place 2-5 days post-vaginal birth, or 30 days post-cesarean birth to help you begin the immediate postpartum recovery steam protocol.
  3. A postpartum maintenance consultation (30min.)
    The consultation takes place 30-45 days post-vaginal birth, or 60-75 days post-cesarean birth for your long term postpartum maintenance protocol.

*Although starting the steaming session right after giving birth is ideal, you can start your postpartum recovery steam protocol at any time after giving birth. Even after a year of giving birth, you can still benefit from this protocol to complete your uterine cleanse, bring your menstrual cycle into balance, and support conditions caused by the pregnancy and labor, if any. Therefore, please feel free to contact me anytime, if this therapy calls you to bring back balance to your body.

What a Postpartum Recovery Session Package entails

  • Peristeam intake form
  • A consultation and supervision for your immediate and long term postpartum recovery steam protocol
  • A guidance for your at-home steam sessions
  • Postpartum food therapy information
  • Customized herbal blend package for 30 days postpartum recovery steaming
  • 60-days support by email

Exchange: $250
(incl. Customized Herbal Blend for 30 days Postpartum Pelvic Steam)

*It is highly recommended to book this package together with the Labor Preparation Package. If booked together, 10% off will be applied for the entire cost.

Disclaimer: This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.